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Virtual War, Fiction or Real?

Written By ZoelBathosai krewak on Senin, Februari 21, 2011 | 11:00 AM

Coverage of military espionage, the rampant piracy of computer and Internet crime caused a new question. Really cyber war has begun?

Internet experts meeting held from public and private sectors in San Francisco, USA, at the RSA conference meeting to discuss how to rid the world of online attacks that increasingly alarming.

Law enforcement agencies, government officials, security system vendors and practitioners of information technology sophistication has warned about the latest Internet attacks. One of them is Stuxnet, Windows computer worm that attacks the Iranian nuclear systems some time ago.

Symantec CEO Enrique Salem Stuxnet acknowledge the existence of the Internet security community is staggering. Although experts have prepared, what looks different. "It's half a megabyte and system code that is able to kill anything. Believe me if we declared critical infrastructure under cyber attack. It's real, "he said.

In addition, there is also Operations Aurora attacking Google and several U.S. companies in 2010, and violations of data by the controversial WikiLeaks site. The experts dissect the evidence of underground criminals who buy and sell illegal information online.

They studied the code that exploited by malicious people to penetrate the user's computer, especially the government's confidential data. Then, how much of this concern?

"The world is a term that sell cyber. Exaggerate the threat of an optimal way to make people afraid. The term had become a very broad sense if you create a specific command. On the other hand, this is very dangerous, "said a senior security expert and CEO of British Telecom, British Telkomnya, Bruce Scheneier.

White House Security Chief Howard Schmidt stressed the need for a clear definition about cyber warfare. "There are many meanings that are not valid. We need to define what we are talking about, "he said.

The problem is, many politicians react differently to different metaphor. For example in the U.S., emerging draft of the proposed Act is currently before Congress (Parliament) related U.S. cyber war.

"I hope they (Congress) was significantly provide information so that we get a clear explanation," said Schmidt. According to him, now even a power struggle emerged between the military, legal and civil organizations.

"Who gets the budget? Who has power? If you call it a war then there are some rules that must be affirmed. "

Microsoft Security Chief Scott Charney suggested that the rules of cyber war danger level in four categories. Namely cybercrimes or utilize the computer as a tool for fraud and money laundering (money laundering).

Then too the military espionage, commercial espionage and cyber warfare (cyber warfare) where a country's telecommunications disable the enemy in preparation for a physical attack.

Deputy U.S. Defense Secretary William Lynn said that while technology attacks sometimes have little impact, the incident could cause physical damage to the computer control system. "The threat is moving like a ladder gradually from exploitation, disruption to destruction," said Lynn.

Vice-president of security research at McAfee Dmitri Alperovitch asserted, cyber warfare is a real phenomenon that 'doomsday' digital can have a major impact to people's lives.

"If an attack occurred in a prolonged power lines or something that causes people to lose confidence in the existing financial system," said Alperovitch think about the form of attacks on the internet
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